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Walbrzych is a city that could play a crucial role in the history of Nazi German. They needed just few or several months more to finish preparing their long plan of launching a "miraculous weapons" that could stop the Allied offensive, which could be in fact tragic for all Europe and the world. And it could happen right here in Wałbrzych, in our, for most people poor, dreary, neglected any old town.

We have confirmation, where among others were experimental laboratories of nuclear weapons and where was to be a center of Nazi Germany's armaments industry. Where?

The answer to this question is obvious. Of course, in Wałbrzych, which became a site of a gigantic plan to transfer to the underground of the Third Reich defense industry known under the code name Rüdiger!

Jerzy Rostkowski cites in his book, the information received from Wałbrzych explorer, Tomasz Jurek who is passionate of war secrets of the Third Reich:

"Rüdiger ... located in remote underground coal mining pits, was to become an underground nuclear laboratory. To the object, which was self-sufficient, equipped with all power generators, oil heating, its own water intake, adjusted a few kilometers electricity network with high power from Wałbrzych. The object also had an underground railway connection with Wałbrzych. Individual rooms were separated by steel locks that could be opened using special coded passes. Rüdiger had direct TV communication with all Third Reich and Führerhuptquartieren (FHQ) institutions, implemented by the panel in the underground of Fürstenstein...”

A lot of questions and answers had to be made. Is really this gigantic project was executed by the Germans? And if so, where it is located in Wałbrzych, where is this secret place, and was it ever discovered?

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