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Lower Silesia is a province rich in natural attractions. Nature lovers will find a place to walk, because Lower Silesia has 12 Landscape Parks and 2 National Parks.

Landscape Parks of Lower Silesia:

- Landscape Park of Bóbr Valley,

- Rudawski Landscape Park

- Landscape Park "Chełmy"

- Książ Landscape Park,

- Landscape Park of Owl Mountains,

- Śnieżnicki Landscape Park

- Slezanski Landscape Park

- Landscape Park of "Valley of Bystrica"

- Landscape Park of "Valley of Jezierzyca"

- Landscape Park of "Valley of Barycz"

- Przemkowski Landscape Park

- Landscape Park of Wałbrzych Sudeten.

National Parks of Lower Silesia:

- Karkonosze National Park,

- Table Mountains National Park.


In the area of Walbrzych county are 3 of these landscape parks of Lower Silesia: Książ Landscape Park, Landscape Park of Wałbrzych Sudeten and Landscape Park of Owl Mountains.


Ksiaz Landscape Park


This is a park with an area of ​​3 155 ha, and its lagging covers 5 933 hectares. This park was established to preserve and highlight the natural and cultural values ​​of the most attractive parts of the Walbrzych Foothills. In addition to Walbrzych county is also located in the county of Swidnica.

It is worth to take a journey through Książ Landscape Park due to the presence there of many interesting species of plants - about 200, including 29 species of protected plants and 19 under total protection. Common yew is the predominant type of tree in this area, with an interesting specimen of yew "Bolko" with a circumference of 3m, counting approximately 400 years.

Within the Ksiaz Landscape Park prevails varied topography and varied weather conditions, which promotes the development of small fauna species. It can be seen fairly frequent occurrence of molluscs, arachnids, insects and reptiles. Common mammals are mainly deer, roe deer, foxes and mouflons. The tunnels of Książ Castle are inhabited by 8 species of bats, including red-haired bat or barbastelle. In the area of Ksiąz Landscape Park are two nature reserves: "The lake Daisy" - geological-forest reserve and "Breakthroughs under Ksiaz" - forest reserve.

Attraction for the tourists will be trails running through the park, which include: Piast Castles Trail (green, route: Chwaliszów - Castle Cisy - Pełcznica Gorge - Szczawienko - Lubiechów - Pogorzała - Modliszów), Blue Trail (Struga - Castle Cisy) Black Trail (Witoszów - Pełcznica Gorge) and the Vistula Legion Lancers Trail (yellow-blue route: Dobromierz - Witoszów Górny).

     When going to the Landscape Park, keep in mind about appropriate behavior and leaving behind the cleanliness, but also does not cause excessive noise or any damage.

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