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Heritage park of mining construction from the nineteenth century. The first historical information about coal mining in Walbrzych comes from 1561 and applies to White Stone - Wałbrzych district. Mining has developed here for 500 years, and the greatest times of prosperity fall on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. After the liquidation of Wałbrzych mines at the end of the twentieth century, there is a lot still active mining equipment, which in 2000 was partly made ​​available to the public, creating a Museum of Industry and Technology, and from 2008 Multicultural Old Mine Park. It is located in the historic architectural complex of abandoned coal mine "Julia". The most interesting elements of Multicultural Old Mine Park are:

- hoisting towers of Julia shaft from 1893 and Sobotka shaft from 1902,

- large electric hoisting machines from 1911.,

- Adit "Julia" equipped with mining machinery and equipment,

- chainstitch baths from 1915,

- exhibition of mining stones - the oldest from 1739r.,

- boiler house from 1882,

- sorting office of coal from 1888 and mining baths from 1915



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In Lower Silesia can be found many of the original buildings, underrated attractions which are worth seeing. Despite the fact that you can not read about them in the guide books, and newsletters, constitute valuable part of the history of the region.

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