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 Every year, from ten years, the area of Castle Complex in Książ attracts the largest growers and plant lovers who takes part in a unique Exhibition of Flowers. Traditionally, the exhibition under the name "Festival of Flowers and Art" takes place in a Long May Weekend.

The exhibition attracts crowds of people, and among other recurring events held here, is permanently inscribed in the calendar of important cultural events in Poland. At the festival, which takes place not only in front of the castle, where the garden terraces in the style of the English and French and the immersive panorama of forests and mountains compose captivating and unique setting for this event, but also in the beautiful richly decorated interiors of the castle, in which unusual exhibition of composition of flowers interspersed with handmade crafts is carefully matched to the historic furniture and vases. During the festival, traditionally exhibition and show of shaping of bonsai trees and floral demonstrations can not be missed . Guests have the opportunity to not only to admire but also to buy rare species of plants and flowers and unique bouquets.

"Festival of Flowers and Art" is not only exhibition of flowers but also the accompanying fairs of craft products and artistic, performance artists, artist performances, theater performances, demonstrations of medieval jousting and many fun activities for children.

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