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Ksiaz Castle (Schloss Fürstenstein) is one of the largest castles in Europe, the third largest castle in Poland and the largest castle in Lower Silesia. The history of the castle is very interesting, colourful and full of unsolved mysteries. The castle was built between 1288-1292 under Bolko I the Strict. After numerous modifications and reconstructions it has now over 400 rooms and is an unusual mix of different styles.

"Pearl of Silesia" because in this way the castle is often referred, is situated on a high rocky tip of in a bend of Pełcznica river. The castle for centuries belonged to the powerful family of Hochberg. During this time the castle was visited by the most prosperous people in the world: prince couples, magnates, throne successors, but also John Quincy Adams, the future president of the United States and Tsar Nicholas I. Family of five from the lineage of Hochberg residing the castle and employing nine thousands of persons fell into debt thus prince was forced to make the castle accessible for tourists - already then mansion was annually visited by over 80 thousand persons.

In 1939, because of the debts, Ksiaz with the entire surrounding area was took over by the treasury. Then, in 1941, the castle was confiscated by Nazi authorities. This card in the history of the castle surrounds it with sensational atmosphere and mystery. Many researchers believe that the paramilitary organization Todt took over the mansion in order to convert it into headquarters of Hitler. Rooms located in the basement of the castle that was built by the Nazis after the war, have still not been opened. In rocks under the castle Germans dug huge tunnels (for work they used the Gross Rosen concentration camp prisoners), in which trucks could freely move. The tunnel led to a shaft with a diameter of 6 meters. Concrete and practically finished basements have almost 3,200 sq m ². Researchers do not agree on the purpose of such areas. Some say that train filled with deposits of civilians waits in one of these tunnels. Others, however, place in the basements of the castle a secret laboratory, where German scientist Hubertus Strughold conducted experiments with flight in the rocket.

Currently, only a small part of the underground of the former Hochberg residence is available for the tourists. Some part are held by the Seismic Station of Polish Academy of Sciences.

Lying in Książ Landscape Park and being an essential element of the Piast Castles Trail, Książ is a place visited by large numbers of Polish and foreign tourists. It offers visitors numerous attractions, in addition to the majestic Castle and its impressive, richly decorated halls and parlors, tourists can also enjoy the complex of terraced gardens of the palace and unusual landscape of Great form of the castle and the excellent position, place it among the most beautiful objects of its kind in Poland. Książ means also the palace stables, which now house the world famous breeding of Silesian stallions and indoor riding area of ​​800 m² entirely built of larch wood. Castle and its surrounding areas are host of many cultural events such as exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and balls.

Near the castle Ksiaz, Prince John Henry XV von Hochberg in the years 1911-1913 built the palm house. Reportedly therefore, to have always at hand fresh flowers for his wife and exotic fruits on the prince's table. Palm House operates to this day, and stands out among the other palm house in Europe because of the height of the central dome measuring 15 meters. You can see more than 80 species of plants from all over the world - palms, banana trees, tangerines and lemons but also considerable size spiny spurges, agaves, aloes and prickly pears. Interesting is also the fact that the walls of the palm house are covered with volcanic tuff from the Etna.

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