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In the eighteenth century from the command of the Duke of Hochberg, on his property were built outbuildings for horses, which in the nineteenth century were surrounded by a special skeletal buildings in the shape of quadrilaterals, which thanks to the uniqueness, constitutes an unusual historic building. At the beginning of the twentieth century, outbuildings have undergone a major refurbishment and began to perform the functions of the castle stables.

In 1935, the stables were taken over by the Prussian state and converted into Stallion Stud of Fursteinstein to which horses were brought from the liquidated Stallion Stud of Lubiąż. During the war, most of the farms in Lower Silesia, including a population of 141 horses Stallion Stud at Castle Książ was completely destroyed. Fortunately, the object of Stud preserved in the almost intact state and after the war it was destined to a horse stable of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Stallion Stud of Ksiaz was formed in 1947, in which for thirteen years lasted working on restoring the quality of horses, in order to restore of Silesian stallions, known once in the Upper and Lower Silesia.

In 1993, the herd has been accepted for Resource of Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury OT in Warsaw, and a few years later was incorporated into the Sieraków Stallion Stud Ltd., which operates to this day in the province of Lower Silesia and Opole, with number of 90 stallions, including 87 noble and 3 cold-blooded.

In 1997, on the area of Ksiaz, near the Ksiaz Stud, was also founded a Stud connecting mares from two closed Studs: in Strzelce Opolskie and Strzegom. Currently, in the stud is 40 elite mares, which in 2005 were covered by the protection program of breeds.

For many years, near the Stud, SLKS riding club works, whose players win the biggest successes in show jumping, dressage and carriage driving. Ksiaz Stallion Stud is an object known throughout Europe and the world, it is one of the most magnificent monuments and one of the best breeding of stallions in Poland. Ksiaz Stallion is extremely attractive tourist destination mainly because of its close proximity to the Castle Książ and picturesque location. The attractions are also organized on site, competitions in horse riding, sleigh and carriage rides. Near the Ksiaz Stud is also horse riding school, bike rental and guest house. A number of recreational events such as "Bike Family Picnic", "Children's Day" or "Festival of Flowers" are organized here. All with shows of carriage driving, horse riding demonstration, horse-drawn carriage, music, gastronomy and numerous games. During the summer Stallion Książ also organizes number of summer camps.

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