Zamek Książ Schloss Fürstenstein in Polen
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Lower Silesia is attractions, hiking, beautiful mountains, unforgettable experience.

The greatest pride of the region is undoubtedly Książ Castle, that attracts tourists not only from Poland. During your stay in this unique place is worth to visit other special places, see the surrounding sights, explore the nearby castles and go through some of hiking trails, which are described in the individual subpages of Worth seeing.

Set in the immediate vicinity of the castle, Wałbrzych and around the city, is an ideal place for lovers of photography. Countless of stylish, old German houses, ruins of palaces, as well as the industrial mining landscapes attract photographers from the most remote corners of the Poland - all in order to show the underestimated beauty of Wałbrzych.

Wondering what to visit in Lower Silesia? In the "Worth seeing" you will find an interesting proposal to spend your free time.

We encourage you to look at the pictures of Wałbrzych shown in an unusual way - seen by eye of the photographer.


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